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The United States Constitution is essential for the survival of our nation. It is the foundation of American government and society, and its principles and values are necessary for our continued success and prosperity.

The good people of Wood County Texas support justice and the rights of every human being. They stand strong against any attempt to disregard these rights under the pretext of law or order. They expect commissioners and the commissioners' court to lead the county in preserving these rights.

Why should any voter in Wood County support a candidate or elected official who does not whole heartedly, and without room for any doubt, step forward as a leader to support their God given rights as guaranteed by the Constitution? In fact, it is the people's responsibility to make sure the elected officials are committed to this endeavor, or find and elect those who are willing to do so. This is how we defend the Constitution!

As commissioner I will dedicate my service to protecting individual liberty and restraining the power of the local government. I am committed to defending the United States Constitution and governing by the will of the people.

I support:

And defend our God given rights and the U.S. Constitution

Recognizing that every business, person, and job is essential

Unrestricted freedom to worship our God together

Unrestricted freedom to visit our sick

Unrestricted freedom to gather and bury our dead

Transparency in county budgets and records

Paper ballots

I do NOT support:

Emergency stay-at-home orders

Emergency closing of businesses

Emergency restrictions on travel

Unrestrained governmental power